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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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General Specificaition

The capacitance type Electromagnetic flowmeter, model LF511/LF541, employs the surface electrode system outside the alumina ceramic tube, therefore, the electrodes do not come in contact with the process fluid. Its unique technology and mechanical design make it available for use not only on conventional applications but also on new applications such as low conductivity, abrasive and high concentration slurry.
Furthermore, this meter gives a stable flow measurement even though the insulation solid adheres to the wall of the tube.

The LF511 detector can mount with the LF541 converter as combined type.

The alumina ceramic tube for LF511 detector is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and negative pressure.The multi-functional LF541 converter has an unique Noise-suppression Circuit & Advanced Algorithms,therefore, this flowmeter is highly resistant to noise and provides a stable output even for fluids containing slurries.

The AF900 Hand-held terminal (HART*1Communicator) can be used to communicate with the flowmeter from remote places.

  • *1 HART protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a communication protocol for industrial sensors recommended by the HCF (HART Communication Foundation).

Main Specifications

Main Specifications List

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Main Specifications List
Mounting style Standard type: Wafer type
Sanitary type: Sanitary Clamp (ISO2825)
Meter size 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm
Measuring range in terms of flow velocity 0-0.5m/s to 0-10m/s
Accuracy Flow rate as a percent of range(%) Accuracy
0.5 - 1.0m/s 1.0 - 10m/s
0 to 50% +/-0.5% FS +/-0.25%FS
50 to 100% +/-0.5% of rate
Note: The accuracy above is measured under standard operating conditions using the weighing method at Toshiba's flow calibration facility.
Lining materials Almina Ceramic tube
Grounding ring materials
(Standard type)
SUS316 (Standard)
SUS316L, Ti, Hastelloy C
Seal gasckets materials
(Sanitary type)
Silicon rubber (FDA approved)
Conductivity 0.01 μ S/cm minimum
Fluid temperature -10 to +120℃
Ambient tempearture -10 to +50℃
Structure IP67
Power consumption Approximately 15W (24VA)
Power supply AC100V to AC240V, 50/60Hz Allowable voltage AC80V to AC264V

Application Examples

Application Examples List

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Application Examples List
Food Industry Syrup/Starch Syrup/Ion-exchange water, RO water/Alcohol etc.
Chemical Industry Organic solvent/Fragrant materials/Slurry etc.
Paper Industry Pulp fluid/Calcium carbonate water/Dye etc.
Others Waste fluid /Cooling water, Purified water etc.