Fractional type
Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Fractional type Electromagnetic Flowmeter (PDF)

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General Specificaition

The LF470 is a small meter size detector designed to measure a small amount of fluids containing substances such as chemicals.

The wetted materials for the LF470 are corrosion resistant ceramic and platinum cermet electrods and are applicable to almost any kind of fluids. The LF470 is a lightweight palm-sized detector.

Combined with a multi-functional converter LF622 equipped with its original Noise-suppression Circuit & Advanced Algorithms,The LF470 has a very high tolerance to noise, giving the unit a very stable output even for slurry fluid measurement.

The AF900 Hand-held terminal (HART(*1) Communicator) can be used for remote control. PROFIBUS-PA(*2) or Modbus(*3) interface is available as an option.

  • *1 HART protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a communication protocol for industrial sensors recommended by the HCF (HART Communication Foundation).
  • *2 PROFIBUS is the communication protocol for factory automation and process automation that the PROFIBUS Organization recommends.
    Instead of analog control with a conventional analog signal (4-20mA), it is one kind of the fieldbus which digitizes all signals.
    Flowmeters support PROFIBUS-PA.
  • *3 Modbus is the communication protocol that Modicon Inc. developed.
    Physical layer is RS485.

Main Specifications

Main Specifications List

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Main Specifications List
Meter size 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm
Measuring range in terms of flow velocity 0-0.3m/s to 0-10m/s
Accuracy Flow rate as a percent of range(%) Accuracy
0.3 - 1.0m/s 1.0 - 10m/s
0 to 50% +/-0.8% FS +/-0.4% FS
50 to 100% +/-0.8% of rate
Note: The accuracy is measured under standard operating conditions at Toshiba's calibration facility.
Electrode materials Platinum cermet
Pipe connection material Pipe connection port: SUS316 (Standard), Ti, Polyvinyl chloride (shock-resistant)
Grounging ring: SUS316, Ti, Ta, Pr-Ir
Structure IP67
Ambient temperature -10 to +60℃
Fluid temperature Piping connection materials Stainless steel and other metals -10 to +120℃
Polyvinyl chloride
-10 to +60℃
Power consumption Approximately 12W (20VA)
Power supply AC100V to AC240V, 50/60Hz (Standard) Allowable voltage AC80V to AC264V
DC24V (Option) Allowable voltage DC18V to DC36V
DC110V (Option) Allowable voltage DC90V to DC130V