Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

for Warehouse Operations

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

for Warehouse Operations

Product Summary

AMRs significantly reduce the time spent searching for goods by transporting shelves to each work station.

Benefits / 3 Key Points

Improve productivity and storage efficiency with AMRs and Toshiba's original in-house software.

* Our estimation and assumption
Storage amount: Approx. 850 ㎥, POD volume : 2.03 ㎥/unit, when a conventional rack storage volume is 0.567 ㎥/unit.

Current Challenges

Increased risk of delays and errors due to accumulated fatigue from walking and searching of items.


Solve your warehousing challenges with the various functions of Toshiba's AMRs. 

physical strain

No need to walk around a large warehouse looking for goods.

human errors

Reduce picking errors with color coded intuitive picking.

Flexibility and 

Change system set up according to change of items, workflow, or peak times.

The technology to solve your warehousing challenges


Our original software contributes to improvement of productivity.

Minimize the number of transports by choosing the optimal route

By consolidating order information and using our unique operation management system, we select the most optimum routes that minimize the number of times a shelf is transported or makes detours.
Improve work efficiency by sorting orders in order of processing efficiency and increasing the number of items that can be picked simultaneously from a single shelf.

User friendly intuitive operator display

Intuitive and easy to use with color coded instructions.
As the section of the shelf to pick from is indicated by color, new hires and beginners can work at a stable speed, while also preventing picking errors.

Storage Method

Get more flexibility and choices of storage methods with our original software.

Select storage method according to operation status

Users can select storage methods according to their operation status. For example, store specific items in fixed locations, or store items freely in any open location. Operation based on how inventory is managed can easily be realized.

Flexible storage section sizes

Shelf section sizes can be designed based on the size of the items to be stored in them. Configure section sizes based on dimensions of several different types of items, or have several different section sizes in one shelf.
*POD : shelf

Stable Operation

Get rapid charging and long lifetime with Toshiba SCiB batteries. Hotline services are also available.

Toshiba SCiB battery 
Rapid charging and long lifetime 

Toshiba's SCiB battery charges more rapidly than conventional AMR batteries, and can increase the operation rate of the AMR.
By using the SCiB battery, the number of AMRs, chargers, and the waiting area around the chargers can be reduced.The SCiB battery also has a long life, so there is no need to replace it during lifetime of the AMR.

Hotline Service

24 hours hotline service available for your needs.

The technology to solve your warehousing challenges