Culler Facer Canceller (CFC)

Culler Facer Canceller (TSC-1000)

The TSC-1000 culls letters and post cards according to their format (size / thickness ) and identifies and cancels the stamps. It also integrates an address reading function.

TSC-1000 image


Processing Capability 30,000 pcs / hour
Detection System Image Capture (OCR), Phosphorescent
Acceptable Mail Size Length : 140mm - 250mm
Width : 90mm - 176mm
Thickness : 0.2mm - 6mm
Weight : 80g
Stacker Capability 500mm
Optional Functions Fluorescent materials
FIM, Bar Mark
Metered Impression
Postal Value Recognition

Download the brochure here

TSC-1000 Brochure (PDF)