Policy of Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation for Nuclear Safety Improvement

As befits an enterprise in the nuclear industry, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions recognizes the importance of continuous improvement for nuclear safety.
Therefore, we are fostering a nuclear safety culture, not least by voluntarily and continuously working to improve nuclear safety, in light of lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident.

Director & Chief Nuclear Officer

Tsutomu Takeuchi

Director & Chief Nuclear Officer

Tsutomu Takeuchi

Fostering a nuclear safety culture

We are fostering a nuclear safety culture in which we exercise critical thinking as we earnestly confront diverse risks while according the top priority to nuclear safety.
Furthermore, by communicating transparently and expeditiously with internal and external stakeholders who are involved with our nuclear business, we share risk awareness and challenges related to nuclear safety and reflect them in our business activities.

Voluntarily and continuously improving nuclear safety

We are going beyond regulatory requirements by gathering the latest expertise from Japan and abroad, and building a management system to recognize, identify, evaluate and minimize risks relevant to nuclear safety, in which we use a PDCA cycle to voluntarily and continuously improve nuclear safety.

Nuclear quality assurance

1. Quality Policy

Aspiring to be a nuclear energy enterprise "that society trusts," the nuclear energy segment of the Power Systems Division positions safety as the top priority for all the products and services of Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation. To accomplish this, we have established the "Quality Policy" as follows:

[Power Systems Division Quality Policy]

  1. Determine requirements—such as customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements—and provide safer, more reliable products and services that satisfy these requirements and are superior in both technology and quality.
  2. Ensure quality from the perspective of customers while respecting the rights of customers and other stakeholders.
  3. Establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a quality management system that satisfies the requirements of (1) and (2) above and is accepted in the global market.
  4. Ensure that all employees understand the quality management system, contribute to its effectiveness, and work together to engineer quality, while being accountable to customers and other stakeholders for doing so.
  5. Strive to heighten awareness of the importance of integrity and compliance and cultivate an excellent workplace culture in all related departments.
  6. Make great efforts to prevent quality fraud and other irregularities within and outside our company and continually improve quality.
  7. In the event of nonconformity, analyze its root causes and take all necessary action to address them and prevent recurrence.
  8. Develop and instill a safety culture that prioritizes safety and human life above all else, while managing and mitigating potential risks. At the same time, ensure—including through voluntary efforts and continuous improvement of nuclear safety—that conduct of the nuclear energy business is always informed by keen awareness of the degree of its impact on society.

2. Quality assurance system

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation is promoting the maintenance and strengthening of the supply chain and equipment supply system to secure and enhance power plant safety functions. For example, in liaison conferences with suppliers, we review quality-related requirements, consider necessary measures, check the implementation of QMS improvement activities, identify significant nonconformities and discuss preventive actions. In addition, with respect to procurement, we convene review meetings with suppliers to make sure that specifications are thoroughly communicated. By continuously implementing these initiatives, we ensure product quality. Furthermore, in order to ensure safety of nuclear facilities, we use every opportunity of contact with our suppliers to request their continued cooperation in activities to develop a safety culture. Through this concerted effort, we are working with our suppliers to heighten awareness of the importance of such activities.

Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Exporters' Principles of Conduct

On September 15, 2011, the world's leading civilian nuclear power equipment companies, including Toshiba, announced a set of principles reflecting the best practices in the world regarding the export of nuclear power equipment. We will continue to apply these principles not only in our export business, but also in our business in Japan.

Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Exporters' Principles Of Conduct (JAPAN ATOMIC INDUSTRIAL FORUM, INC)