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28 Apr, 2023
Sponsoring Q2B23 Paris
24 Nov, 2022
Sponsoring Q2B22 Silicon Valley
02 Oct, 2020
International conference papers (ISCAS20) and their presentation videos of a currency arbitrage machine based on simulated bifurcation algorithm have been published [open access in 9/29-10/21 (open preview)].
27 Nov, 2019
Extending the trial period of the PoC edition of SMB in the AWS Marketplace and releasing
Thank you very much for your positive feedback on the PoC edition of SBM. We have released a new version V1.2 that allows you to set some of the parameters. We've had a lot of requests for this feature. You can continue to use only the AWS virtual machine (IaaS) usage fee.the new version
23 Aug, 2019
Launched a new SBM website.