Products and Services

We provides cloud services, software modules and professional services.

Cloud Services

SQBM+ Cloud on Azure Quantum

Sotfware modules

For the cloud environments

  • virtual machine image(AWS AMI , …)

For the on-premise environments

  • FPGA version (Under test marketing)
  • GPU version (Under development)

Professional Services
(Under development)

  • Formulation support
  • Education services
  • Introduction support
  • Construction
  • Operation

Cloud Services

SQBM+ Cloud on Azure Quantum

We provide the SQBM+ cloud service “SQBM+ Cloud on Azure Quantum” for Azure Quantum, a full-stack open cloud quantum computing ecosystem published by Microsoft Corporation.
Azure Quantum brings together the most innovative quantum computing and optimization solutions into a single cloud service. SQBM+ is positioned as one of the optimization solutions provided by Azure Quantum.

Quantum cloud solutions that can be used on Azure Quantum (Source: Microsoft)

SQBM+ Cloud on Azure Quantum

Plan Price Per Month
Price according to computing time (billed in units of seconds)
Learn & Development
Limited to use for learning and development; maximum of 1 hour
0 to 0.1 hour - Free
0.1 to 1 hour - $200 per hour
Performance  at  scale 0 to 5 hours - $1,800 per hour
5 to 25 hours  - $1,600 per hour
25 to 50 hours - $1,400 per hour
50 hours or more  - $1,000 per hour

Software modules

We provide SQBM+ for the cloud environments and for the on-premise environments.
The cloud environments is suitable for large-scale calculations. We also provide on-premise versions for highly-confidential applications not suitable for the cloud environments and applications that require ultra-low latency.

For the cloud environments

Large-scale processing

  • Worldwide availability
  • Easy to use via Web API

Software modules for the cloud environments

  • virtual machine image(AWS AMI , …)

※Users needs to prepare a cloud environment (IaaS).

For the on-premise environments

Low latency and Secure

  • Embedded in user systems and edge devices

Soltsare modules for the on-premise environments

  • FPGA version
  • GPU version

※ Users needs to prepare a hardware.

Software module for the cloud environment

Amazon Machine Image(AMI)

The proof-of-concept (PoC) edition of SBM is available free of charge on the AWS Marketplace.
We also plan to provide products for commercial use.

Simulated Bifurcation Machine PoC edition

  • Solves ISING, Max-CUT, and Max-SAT optimization problems.
  • Solves ISING problems with up to 10,000 variables.
  • Available for no additional charge*; you are only charged for the use of AWS virtual machines (AWS virtual machine instances). You are not charged for the use of SBM.

* Requires agreement for using AWS virtual machines (AWS virtual machine instances).

Software module for the on-premise environment

FPGA version

The SB algorithm is implemented in a dedicated high-speed processing circuit that operates on an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).
The dedicated high-speed processing circuit in the system can be accessed directly without a network connection.
Real-time systems with SQBM+ can be built on various devices (general-purpose computers with Linux OS) equipped with FPGA boards.
For application development, API (Application Interface) functions for C and Python languages ​​familiar to many system developers are provided.
In order to prototype and demonstrate innovative real-time application systems, we offer a service (test marketing version) that provides IP licenses that operate on commercially available FPGA boards (Intel® FPGA PAC) for research purposes only. Three sample applications are pre-packaged to facilitate application development by users. Each of these is expected to be applied to autonomous driving and robot control systems, to delivery route search and disaster emergency response systems, and to financial transaction systems.
Please contact us for details.

System configuration of the FPGA version

Configuration of the FPGA version

Hardware: prepared by users

✓Host server

✓FPGA board (Intel® FPGA programmable accelerator card D5005)

Software: Provided by Toshiba

✓High-speed processing circuit (IP core)


✓Sample Application

Sample applications to facilitate user development

Toshiba also offers three applications that showcase the features of the on-premises Simulated Bifurcation Machine™, including its real-time response, interactive response and high speed and accuracy in dealing with large-scale streaming data. These applications also work as sample applications for users who want to develop their own applications

Tracking multiple objects

Maximum matching problem

Real-time response

Track multiple objects in a
video in real time at 30 FPS.

Application example:
Autonomous driving and control

Demo video (narration in Japanese)

Shortest possible route search

Travelling salesman problem

Interactive response

Instant feedback on route
changes in 7ms search

Application example:
Emergency evacuation route optimization

Demo video (narration in Japanese)

Detection of robust financial portfolio in streaming date

max. independent set problem

Data-stream processing

Extraction of maximum independent set from a big-data stream at high speed and accuracy, compared to other approximate solvers.

Application example:
Real-time financial portfolio optimization

Demo video (narration in Japanese)

GPU version(Under development)

We provide software for on-premises servers.

Professional Services (Under development)

Professional services such as formulation support, education service, introduction support, construction, operation, and tuning support will be provided sequentially. Please contact us for details.