Realization of solutions through partner collaboration

Solutions are realized by linking services and SQBM+ through cooperation with various partners who have expertise in each field.


※Simulated Bifurcation Machine = SBM

Fixstars Corporation

Fixstars is Software Company that will focus on‘Speed up your Business’. It will provide acceleration solution which optimized customer’s problem with understanding computer architecture of CPU, GPU, FPGA and Quantum Computing. Fixstars is pioneer in Quantum Computing technology and support multiple quantum computing vendors both oversea and Japanese quantum computer companies.

Fixstars Amplify Corporation

Fixstars Amplify Corporation offers a quantum computing cloud as a service. The service allows users to run algorithms for solving combinatorial optimization problems on a variety of Ising machines, including quantum annealing. The flexible and easy-to-use Amplify SDK makes it easy for anyone to develop applications that benefit from next-generation computing without machine-specific expertise.

Nextremer Co., Ltd.

Nextremer Co., Ltd. drives our businesses using dialogue systems as a critical technology.
We are now conducting a research of technology to realize services that can handle real-time dialog tasks by using the abduction inference theory.
In the process the system formulates combinatorial optimization problems into Ising models, and executes large-scale calculations at high speeds by the Simulated Bifurcation Machine.

Groovenauts, Inc.

Groovenauts develops an enterprise-focused cloud service for using AI and quantum computing for everything from predictions to combinatorial optimizations. With over 3,600 companies in Japan using MAGELLAN BLOCKS to create AI models, Groovenauts are industry leaders that have successfully developed a world-first quantum computing-based service for commercial use. MAGELLAN BLOCKS offers unique optimization solutions from creating an Ising model to formularization for a variety of combinatorial optimization problems.


CogniFrame, based in Toronto, Canada, solves NP Hard and other Complex Optimization problems. It works with leading HPC and Quantum hardware providers to build and run proprietary algorithms and solutions that deliver immediate measurable value and help de-risk adoption of Near Quantum & Hybrid Quantum solutions by financial institutions globally. CogniFrame is a quantum pioneer and member of Quantum Industry Canada and is working with several large institutions on use cases including feature selection, anonymization, portfolio optimization, etc., among others. Through its collaboration with Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation, it hopes to co-develop and commercialize several of its existing Near Quantum solutions on Toshiba’s Simulated Bifurcation Machine (SBM) and drive value for customers.

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Revorf contributes to our health leveraging its unique biotechnology and biological information, such as genetic information and protein information. Revorf supports development of diagnostics and new drugs, and examines the causes of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.

With regard to quantum computing, Revorf is working to detect novel drug target regions within a protein molecule by developing protein structure analysis technology with SQBM+. Revorf aims to solve the problem of the difficulty in creating effective therapeutic drugs due to the depletion of druggable targets.

Ahead Biocomputing, Co. Ltd.

Ahead Biocomputing, Co. Ltd. is a company which assists clients for their drug discovery and large-scale biodata processing, through the integration of bioinformatics, machine learning (deep learning, etc.), high-performance computing (supercomputer, cloud), and quantum computing which have been developed for many years at Tokyo Institute of Technology. By combining these technologies, we provide quick solutions to complex problems in the biomedical field.

Jij Inc.

Jij Inc. is a startup that provides solutions in mathematical optimization and quantum technology. We offer a software product "JijZept" to streamline the process from building mathematical optimization models to implementation. Also, we support the success of our clients' mathematical optimization projects by offering services such as project assistance and educational support.

Strangeworks, Inc.

Strangeworks has been providing technology solutions to the quantum workforce for 5 years. Strangeworks is focused on removing the barriers to entering quantum, so you can focus on building business value for your organizations. By providing the most complete quantum ecosystem available, Strangeworks’s online, cloud-based platform provides access to advanced compute technologies.  With a growing catalog of applications that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, and business management tools make it easy to manage teams, billing, and compute resources, Strangeworks makes it simple to go from onboarding to execution.

Spin-deeptech  Ltd.

Spin-deeptech is a pioneering innovation consultancy firm based in London, UK.  We help transform cutting-edge technologies into market-ready solutions. Focusing on quantum and AI, we bridge the gap between research and commercialization, offering bespoke strategies, commercialization guidance, and hands-on development practices to technology firms.

Become a Partner

We are looking for partners for joint research and joint development aiming to solve "combinatorial optimization problems" in various fields such as finance, drug discovery, genetic engineering, logistics, and AI. Collaboration with companies, universities, and research institutes that have specialized knowledge is essential to solving increasingly complex social issues. Please contact us for details.