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25 July, 2022

GridDB Cloud V1.4 has been released

25 July, 2022

GridDB Cloud V1.4 English Manual is now available

22 April, 2022

GridDB V5 English Manual is now available

29 Jul, 2021

GridDB V4.6 English Manual is now available

30 Mar, 2020

GridDB V4.3.2 English Manual is now available

News Release

22 Apr, 2022

The New Revamped GridDB 5.0 Features Pluggable Data Store Architecture
~ New architecture enables multiple data model utilization ~

21 Apr, 2021

Toshiba Digital Solutions collaborates with DATAFLUCT to Deliver a Machine Learning Solution that Optimizes Store Visitors Prediction
~ The integration of Cloud Data Infrastructure and Auto Machine Learning enables accurate prediction without experts intervention ~

06 Apr, 2021

Toshiba launches GridDB Cloud, a Database Managed Service for Big Data and IoT
~ Hassle-free database setup, monitoring and operation, and easy integration with cloud-native applications ~

20 Oct, 2020

General Availability of GridDB® Enterprise Edition 4.5: Features Advanced Enterprise Functionalities

03 Mar, 2020

Toshiba’s Distributed Database for IoT and Big Data GridDB® Wins The Database Society of Japan Industrial Achievement Award

03 Dec, 2019

The launch of GridDB Standard Edition v4.3 & GridDB Advanced Edition v4.3.Now Features scale-out and scale-up combo for petabyte scale Data Management.

17 Jun, 2019

Toshiba’s Scale-out Database GridDB Now Even Easier to Maintain.
~ Latest update is equipped with functions to identify causes of system slowdowns and problematic applications ~

12 Jun, 2019

Toshiba’s GridDB scale-out database and Hitachi’s Pentaho data integration and analysis platform together deliver new capabilities to business customers.

15 Jan, 2019

Toshiba' s Scale-out Database GridDB Now Reinforced with Enterprise-Grade Long-Term Archiving of IoT data

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