Use cases

Predictive Maintenance

Preserve your historical data and perform regression or classification modeling to predict equipment failure.

Digital Twin

Create digital replicas of your equipment by storing sensor data in GridDB, performing data analysis and visualizing your data.

Smart Metering

Monitor and control energy consumption by collecting smart meter data, and adjust pricing according to demands.

Asset Tracking/Monitoring

Track and monitor your asset by storing time series and geospatial data of your devices, and perform real time analytics and decision-making.

Success Stories

Toshiba selected as an IoT partner. Significantly improved productivity in 3 months after inception

Denso selected Toshiba as an IoT partner to implement Factory IoT. Productivity has been greatly improved in three months since its introduction. Denso, one of the world's leading automobile suppliers, has adopted Toshiba's solution for its IoT platform to be installed in approximately 130 factories worldwide. The decision was made by Toshiba's familiarity with factories and manufacturing sites that are "living things". Denso aims to improve its productivity by 30% compared to 2015 by utilizing IoT by 2020, and is deepening its co-creation partnership with Toshiba.

Toshiba Group's IoT Initiatives
Toshiba Machine's "IoT + m platform" that supports manufacturing sites

In November 2016, Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. announced the “IoT + m platform”, an IoT utilization solution for manufacturing facilities.

With "collect, analyze and connect" as the key words, we aim to improve the added value and productivity of the manufacturing facilities. Toshiba's "IoT Standard Pack"is one of the basic functions of this solution.

Liberalization of electricity retail
Realization of high-speed processing of large-scale smart meter data

A power company uses GridDB as a processing base for data sent from millions of smart meters every 30 minutes. We introduced a mechanism that can be considered the forerunner of the IoT era, processing high frequency and large amount of time series data in an instant.


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