GridDB Cloud V1.4 has been released.

GridDB Cloud V1.4 enhancements and changes are as follows: 


(1)  GridDB version is upgraded from V4.6 to V5.0

     The merit of upgrading to V5.0 are as follows:

   -       Faster table scanning and table deletion

By specifying the option to assign a block of disk I/O to a specific table, the time for table scans and table deletions become much faster. 

   -       Load reduction by reducing the amount of log writes

Checkpoint processing has been revamped to reduce the volume of log writes. As a result, the system load caused by checkpoint processing has been reduced.

   -       Scale-up enhancement

When changing GridDB Cloud model, while increasing the number of CPUs, GridDB processing capacity can now be increased without rebuilding the database.


(2)  Data backup functionality enhancement

     A function to restore data to the state just before a system failure has been added to the data backup function.

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