Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Committed to people, Committed to the future. Toshiba has long positioned this basic commitment as the core text of its corporate philosophy, and we formulate strategies and do business grounded in the following beliefs and to contribute to a better world.

Today, in our everyday lives, we are asked to be responsible for a sustainable future. Natural disasters caused by climate change threatening the safety and security of our lives. Social and environmental stability are impaired by problems such as information inequality and natural resource depletion.

If we are to overcome these issue and achieve sustainability for the world and its people, it is necessary to realize "safe and secure lives for every person" and "social and environmental stability" at the same time.

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Corporate Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Fully utilize the power of data and make a better world

Most of us carry smartphones, and routinely rely on them for information exchanges. In addition, with the progress of IoT and sensors, it is possible to collect information from sites, including manufacturing sites, and to analyze and utilize it in meaningful ways. We live in a time when we all have to utilize the power of data. Combining data from cyberspace with real-world data creates a positive feedback loop, and a powerful tool for companies looking to enhance competitiveness.

Toshiba is fully utilizing the power of data for the sustainability of the world and its people. Over 50 years in developing AI, and our work in world-leading quantum and CPS technologies, will realize the power of data to the full.

For close on 150 years, Toshiba has led the way in the energy business, in areas including power generation, in infrastructure businesses such as water treatment, and in the devices business essential for the development of social and information infrastructure development. Today, we are advancing progress in renewable energy sources and resilient infrastructure. Toshiba utilizes the power of data to the full and brings essential products and services into the world.

With infrastructure that benefits all of us and realization of a society connected by data

Realizing "safe and secure lives for people everywhere" and "social and environmental stability"

To achieve these goals, we will contribute by creating "infrastructure that benefits all of us," that responds to social issues such as poverty, human rights violations, disasters and conflicts. We will also contribute to the “realization of a society connected by data,” to support conservation protection of the global environment against climate change and resource depletion, and to promote education and equality.

We will continue to take on the challenges of realizing a carbon-free society and a circular economy, and pursue sustainability for the world and its people.