Further growth as an infrastructure services company

Our world faces many social issues: energy shortages; environmental problems that include resource depletion and climate change; social problems that include a rising global population, intensifying urbanization and falling working populations. In recent years, they have grown increasingly serious, to the point where they threaten the safe, secure lives of future generations. And on top of this, we must now also respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of other diseases, and develop measures to maintain health on the global scale. However, we can also anticipate advances in technology that are expected to resolve labor shortages through automation and reducing manpower needs, and to promote energy savings and secure stable energy supply.

Toshiba Group operates in a wide range of fields and comprises about 20 business units-infrastructure businesses that include power generation, water and sewage and railway systems, and electronic devices businesses. We classify these businesses into four functional segments: Devices/Products, which includes semiconductors and motors; Infrastructure Systems (Installation), which covers the initial construction of essential infrastructure; Infrastructure Services, which deals with long-term equipment maintenance and inspection, equipment renewals, and contracted operations; and Data Services, which collects and analyzes the very diverse data generated from infrastructure service operations and use them as the basis for value creation. As an infrastructure services company we are building links between each segment to realize synergies that will allow us to create and deliver high value-added products and services, and to cultivate new demand.

Devices/Products will strengthen our competitiveness in Infrastructure Systems (Installation), and that expansion will extend the scope of application for Infrastructure Services. Being entrusted to carry operations and maintenance by customers we have long-term relations with in Infrastructure Services will make it possible to process more operational data and to expand the scope of data services. Utilizing this data will raise operational quality and efficiency, and feeding the information back to Devices/Products and Infrastructure Systems (Installation) will complete the synergy loop that supports development of differentiated products. This synergy loop will allow us to radically transform our profit structure as an infrastructure services company.

Creating new value by taking full advantage of CPS technology

In the future, the physical world of real-life events and real things and the digital virtual space of the cyber world will cooperate with each other. Information from many fields will be amassed as data, processed and analyzed with AI and digital technology in cyberspace, and fed back to the physical world as information and knowledge that can be easily applied. This process, the domain of cyber physical systems (CPS), generates added value, and it is growing at an accelerating pace. CPS technology creates a synergy loop that connects Devices/Products, Infrastructure Systems (Installation), Infrastructure Services, and Data services.

Since its founding as a manufacturer, Toshiba has secured extensive knowledge and achievements in a broad range of business fields (physical technologies).By combining these with information processing, digital and AI technologies (cyber technologies), we are able to make full use of CPS technologies, and to take on and solve the problems facing society and our customers. Beyond this, we also aim to solve social issues with our own cutting-edge technologies, such as precision medicine that allows people to lead healthier, richer lives, and quantum key distribution that realizes unbreakable information transmission.