Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Recent years have seen a wide range of social issues grow in seriousness, among them climate change, aging infrastructure, and the spread of infection from new viruses, to the point where they now threaten the safe and secure lives of future generations. However, the fruits of advances in cutting-edge technologies will include automation and labor-saving that eases labor shortages, lower energy consumption, and stable energy supply.

Since it was established over 140 years ago, throughout its long history, Toshiba has cultivated creativity and technological abilities, and combined them in solutions to the social issues of the day. Throughout all this, we have evolved with the change of the times, and transformed the shape of the company. Going forward, we will establish new companies: Infrastructure Service Co., to take the lead in realizing carbon neutrality and resilient infrastructure; and Device Co., to support the development of social and information infrastructure. Concentrating resources in the way that best fits the characteristics of each business will allow us to provide high value-added products and services, and to create value that contributes to society.

Infrastructure Service Co. will support customers and partners in achieving their sustainability goals. For instance, with "Energy x Digital" we will use digital technology to provide a full value chain, extending from electric power utilities to consumers, while with "Infrastructure x Digital" we will contribute to resilient infrastructure with solutions that include cutting-edge security systems. Device Co. will contribute to improving the power efficiency of equipment and social infrastructure, and to the advance of society’s digitization, and the evolving information infrastructure.

The Basic Strategy of Infrastructure Service Co.

The Basic Strategy of Device Co.

Create value with "x Digital," make the world a better place

In the future, data from physical activities and things in the real world will be collected, and, after being linked in cyber space, utilized in analysis by AI and digital technologies.  The results will then be fed back to the physical world as information and knowledge that can be easily used to create added value. As this world of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) expands at an accelerating pace, Toshiba will draw on and combine the immense range of knowledge and achievements (physical technologies) we have cultivated in manufacturing over the many years. We also have the information processing and digital and AI technologies (cyber technologies) needed to faithfully address and solve the challenges facing society and our customers.

Toshiba offers solutions to various social issues, such as carbon neutrality, and contributes to the lives and culture of people around the world. By investing profits earned from our business activities into solutions for the next social challenges, we will continue to create value that makes the world a better place.