Using innovation, Toshiba is committed to realizing a safe, secure, reliable and sustainable world.

Since 1937, Toshiba has been producing radar systems, weather radar systems, rechargeable lithium-ion battery(SCiB™), and other innovative technologies that have contributed to a safer, more secure, reliable world.
We have delivered advanced radar systems for naval, airborne, ground surveillance, air traffic control and weather radar applications.
We are also tackling new challenges. Global demand for electricity is increasing year by year, and safe and sustainable solutions are required in both the private and defense sectors. Furthermore, with the rapid spread of drones to deliver useful new services, we need to recognize they can also provide new security challenges. Consequently, Toshiba has developed new drone detection systems and highly safe rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (SCiB™) . We offer the best solutions to meet customers’ needs.


C-UAS Solution Sytsem Overview