About Tender Offer for the Shares of Toshiba Corporation

As announced on Sept. 21 in the news release “Announcement of the Results of the Tender Offer by TBJH Inc. for the Company Shares and Change of the Parent Company and the Largest Shareholder Among the Major Shareholders(445KB)”, the TBJH’s Tender Offer for the Company Shares succeeded. 

Tender Offer Period : from August 8, 2023 to September 20, 2023.
Tender Offer Price : 4,620 yen per share of common stock
Ownership ratio of share certificates, etc. after the purchase, etc. was conducted:78.65%

Please refer to the following Announcements/Publications, Tender Offer Agent and FAQs on this matter.

Announcements and Publications

Latest Announcements:


■ Schedules

Q. What are schedules from now on?
A. The Company plans to promptly announce the specific future procedures and implementation terms once they are determined following consultation between and decision-making by the Tender Offeror and the Company.
Generally speaking, we expect the privatization to take place during this calendar year.

September 27: Start of payment to shareholders who tendered their shares
October 12: Record Date for Voting Rights at Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGM)
Late November: Holding EGM (plan to resolve share consolidation)

Q. Will you aim to relist in the future? If so, around when?
A. After the privatization is complete, it is up to TBJH’s management policy, and we are not in a position to answer.
(Updated on September 21, 2023)

■ Regarding the objective and background of the tender offer

Q. Why is privatization necessary for Toshiba?
A. In order for Toshiba to succeed in its transformation, by executing a consistent business strategy over the mid-to-long term, we considered it important to establish a stable management platform, and receive unified support from shareholders, and we reached the conclusion that privatization will lead to enhancing corporate value.

Q. What kind of company is the tender offeror, "TBJH Inc."?
A. TBJH Inc. is a company wholly owned by TBJ Holding Inc., 75% of the issued and outstanding shares of which is held by TB Investment Limited Partnership, which is managed by Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. (“JIP”) and its affiliates. JIP was established in November 2002 in Japan to be engaged in the Japanese-style private equity investment business and has been contributing to corporate reorganization and restructuring of Japanese companies. JIP has provided capital and management support to Japanese companies to help them leverage their existing business foundation, revitalize their potential, and accelerate their business growth, and has a track record of more than twenty cases (as of Mar 23, 2023) of investments in carve-outs (spin-offs of businesses and subsidiaries) and privatization transactions in Japan.
For your reference: Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. website
(Updated on October 2, 2023)

Q. Why was TBJH chosen as the tender offeror? 
A. TBJH’s offer was the only comprehensive bid reached through a one-year long, fully competitive and fair process. 

Appointment of Tender Offer Agent by TBJH

As disclosed on May 12, 2023, SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. has been appointed as a tender offer agent by TBJH.

[Restriction on Solicitation]
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