Technogies playing leading role in realization of carbon neutrality and circular economy, guided by the basic commitment of Toshiba Group, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future"
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In recent years, the world has been faced with many increasingly serious social issues, including severe natural disasters triggered by climate change, resource depletion, poverty, and economic security. At COP27, the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in November 2022, discussions of “losses and damages” due to climate change was on the agenda for the first time, reaffirming the urgency of the need to strengthen and accelerate measures against global warming.

Since its founding, Toshiba Group has worked to solve social issues through its business, guided by the Basic Commitment “Committed to People, Committed to the Future.” At the June 2022 Toshiba Group Management Policy Briefing we restated “Safe, secure lifestyle for everyone” and “Social and environmental stability” that we will contribute to the realization of “carbon neutrality” and “circular economy” by creating “infrastructure that everyone can enjoy” and a “society connected by data”.

We will continue to create value with the knowledge and technologies we have cultivated over many years in the Energy and Social Infrastructure businesses, such as water and sewerage solutions and railways; with the strengths of our new technologies in areas such as silicon and compound power semiconductors, carbon dioxide capture and utilization (CCU), hydrogen solutions, the SCiB™ rapid charging rechargeable batteries, next-generation solar cells and superconducting motors; and with AI and by utilizing power of data to the full.

Toshiba will do this through digitalization. We are following the course of digital evolution (DE), digital transformation (DX) and quantum transformation (QX). At the DE stage, we are enhancing services and recurring businesses. In the next stage, DX, we will build platforms based on DE. Beyond that, we will accelerate the use of quantum technology to achieve QX, the optimized connections of platforms in different industries.

Toward accelerating DE and DX, we are building an open CPS platform compliant with internationally standards, and promoting “Software Defined” a design scheme, where we design features and functions of the solutions we provide to our customers as either software or hardware, taking future functionalities into consideration. Beyond this, our steps toward QX include commercialization of the world's most advanced Quantum Key Distribution; provision of “SQBM+™", an optimization solution invented in the course of theoretical research into quantum computers; and promoting the exploration and demonstration of new quantum applications with our partners and customers around the world.

Toshiba group will continue to take on the challenges of achieving carbon neutrality and realizing a circular economy by leveraging its strengths in technology and diverse development capabilities and maximize its potential to the full by combining the power of data with our core business areas of energy, infrastructure, and devices.

Yutaka Sata
Corporate Officer,
Corporate Senior Vice President
Toshiba Corporation


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