Currency Sorter

Currency Sorter (IBS-1000)

High speed currency sorter in innovatively compact footprint and modular configuration. The IBS-1000 has rigorous flexibility to meet customer's various requirements such as fit/unfit, facing, orientating, sorting by denomination and online strapping.

IBS-1000 image


  • Fitness sorting
  • Orientation sorting
  • Denomination sorting
Processing Speed
  • Up to 60,000 notes / hour
  • Variable feeding speed at 600, 800, and 1,000 notes per minute
Basic Configuration
  • Main Module with 4 stackers + 2 reject pockets
  • Expansion Module with 4 stackers
  • Strapping Module
  • Up to an additional 10 modules of any kinds
  • Batch card processing
  • Serial number reading

Download the brochure here

IBS-1000 Brochure (PDF)