High-Reliability Design

Reinforced Cooling Performance

Dust proof

Two intake fans in the front and one exhaust fan in the rear. Different from consumer computers, these products used a direct cooling method by direct exposure of the CPU heat sink to the air from the intake fans, without using CPU cooler fans. FA3100S model 9500/5500, in particular, feature the 3-lane separate structure, which separates heat flows in the major parts of the main unit, to reinforce their cooling performance.

Ambient Operating Temperature

Industrial Computers: 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F)
Consumer computers, servers: 10 to 35 °C (50 to 95 °F)

Cooling Structure

ECC Memory

A highly reliable ECC memory capable of detecting and correcting errors is utilized.

RAID1/5 (RAID disk model)

The hot-Swap feature not only improves reliability but it also permits the quick replacement of failed hard disks without a computer shutdown.

RAID Controller Board (RAID Disk Model)

In addition to disk monitoring, the RAID Controller Board periodically performs a read check of the entire disk area. In case of a drive failure, a warning buzzer is sounded, the RAS function logs the failure, and status lamps alert the user.

HDD Mirroring (RAID1)

  • RAID system keeps operating even if one HDD crashes.
  • Hot Swap Function: HDD can be replaced without computer shutdown
  • Easy to Rebuild: By simply replacing an HDD, data will be automatically copied and RAID1 will be configured.

Toshiba's Original RAID System has a Preventive Maintenance Function.

  • The RAID System patrols read check on the entire HDD area.a The patrol function automatically finds errors, if any, and corrects them.
  • This leads to an improved HDD fault tolerance.
RAID system