"Dronized" Society & the Future

An accessible introduction on changes and
impacts in our society brought by drones, and
specific tips for countermeasures.

"Dronized" Society & the Future

An accessible introduction on changes and impacts in our society
brought by drones, and specific tips for countermeasures.

What is C-UAS?

What's "counter drone" (C-UAS)?

As the uses of drone increases in our society, drone caused incidents and accidents are on the rise. In particular, the intentional misuse of drones targeting important facilities and VIPs around the world has also become a problem. What exactly is counter drone, which is considered to be an effective countermeasure to these problems?

"Counter drone system" (C-UAS) means not only one, but a variety of devices which has different purposes of use.

There are devices that look for drones or that neutralizes the threat of drones.

First of all, let's find out what a "counter drone system" (C-UAS) does.

The overview of
"counter drone system" (C-UAS)

Eliminate the risk of drones through 4 steps: detection, tracking, identification, and countermeasure

"Counter drone system" is a system that responds to dangerous drones by integrating various sensors and countermeasures. The sensors detect targets and locate their positions, arriving directions, size information, and others. The threat risks of detected targets are analyzed from the acquired information, and eliminated by the countermeasures if needed. 

As explained above, "counter drone systems" (C-UAS) can be divided into 4 steps: detection, tracking, identification and countermeasure.

I wonder what kind of devices are used in each of the steps.

Okay then, next let's look at some examples of the systems. 

Examples of major counter drone systems (C-UAS)

It is important to integrate appropriate methods into each steps in order to respond effectively to dangerous drones. Let's see what kind of methods have been utilized for counter drone system (C-UAS).

So it seems like there are many kinds of devices used in counter drone systems.  I'd like to know which one of the devices are more often used. 

Good point. Each device has its own role to fulfill. Let's see in steps what kind of devices there are.

Method Examples for
"counter drone system" (C-UAS)

Respond to drones by system integration

By integrating different methods, the system effectively responds to dangerous drones. For example, radar detects various targets in the sky, while RF sensor detect drone signals among them. Then, camera information and threat assessment algorithms are used to identify targets. Finally, countermeasures are taken.

It seems like that the devices written above are ones generally used, however, there are also other devices currently being developed around the world.

Hmm…I understood that there exists a wide variety of counter drone devices. Each has its own strength so we need to choose the most appropriate one matching our needs.

Yes, there are pros and cons for each device. If you compare one by one you shall see the differences in capabilities well.

Pros and Cons of each system

Each method has its characteristics and should be selected and installed to be optimized to the location, terrain, and conditions in which it will be used.

There are different types of devices used in each step. And you will see that each has its pros and cons.

I guess it's important to understand each device's  capabilities and decide which one to use. Then, let's see below what each device can do.

Comparison chart of Pros and Cons of each methods

By listing the abilities of the devices in a table, it shows you the conditions that you need in a device more clearly, doesn't it?

Yes, depending on the environment, what function we want in a device changes. This table sure makes it easier to understand!

Depending on the devices, there are also products that add functionality to the ones you already have, so it is important to gather new information.

Building the optimal system for your operational environment

Considering optimal combination for various situations

One of the important things when responding to dangerous drones is to consider the optimal system configuration to each protection area. Conditions such as terrain, risk of collateral damage, the radio environment, and others should be taken into account beforehand.

"Counter drone systems" (C-UAS) is made of many devices. You need to make sure of the required environment and conditions so that the devices can be used at its full capability.

Yes, with just one device it is hard to effectively take measures towards drones, so it is best to combine a number of devices into the system.

Next, let's get more information to find out where and how these devices are used, and how we can make use of it!



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