Handling of heavy items up to 30 kg with automatic recognition function.

The unique orthogonal mechanism allows easy handling of heavy items

600pph high-speed handling of heavy items

  • Items are pulled without centrifugal force, which enables quick unloading of heavy items.
  • Depending on the stacking pattern, the robot automatically judges the number of items (either 1 or 2 items) which can be unloaded simultaneously for efficient unloading.
600pph high-speed handling of heavy items

Careful handling of products

  • Two-sided gripper (top and side) reduces stress to the product surface.
  • The gripper pulls items instead of lifting, reducing risk of falling and/or breaking.
Careful handling of products

No prior programming required

  • Image recognition technology enables the robot to handle various items in various stacking patterns.
  • Short recognition time enables the robot to unload items smoothly.
No prior programming required

Easy expansion

  • The robot is space saving, requiring only 2.2 m x 3.4 m for installation.
  • Can be used without a safety fence or surrounding buffer area.*
Easy expansion
  • *Depending on system configuration or layout, a safety fence or other equipment may be required.


Item Description
Gripper type Two-sided gripper (top and side)
Applicable containers Flat pallets
Max. item size (mm) W600 × D600× H500
Item weight (kg) 30 or less
Dimensions(mm) W2200 x D3400 x H2700 (excluding protruding part, control panel, and air compressors)
Weight (kg) 2300 or less
Throughput (pph) 600 (It may take different values depending on the size and stacking condition of items.)
Electricity supply 6k VA, three-phase 200 V (excluding compressors)
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature: 0 to 40 ℃, Relative humidity: 20 to 90%RH (Non condensing)

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