IoT Security Solution CYTHEMIS™

CYTHEMIS™ secures and visualizes infrastructure control systems and industrial production systems in one single control platform. Also legacy equipment without built-in security mechanisms is protected.

CYTHEMIS™: end-to-end security solution

CYTHEMIS™ is an end-to-end security solution to protect critical infrastructure control systems and industrial production systems which use IoT (Internet of Things). It comes as a package solution consisting of external hardware protection devices and management software. These hardware boxes provide endpoint security on any OS and equipment including legacy versions and even discontinued platforms.

CYTHEMIS™: end-to-end security solution

Secure Network

Unauthorized access and malware infections are blocked by using device authentication between endpoints. The network architecture is visualized in CYTHEMIS™ control software.

Prevention of USB Infection Spread

Malware infections which may occur during maintenance work via USB memory are detected and their spreading within the network is prevented.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation with external devices on any OS and legacy equipment.

Hardware Based Secure Protection

Network attack occur through various intrusion routes such as external networks, a USB memory and others. With its external hardware devices CYTHEMIS™ blocks most of such attacks: communication to and from any network resource can happen only between those ones connected to a CYTHEMIS™ hardware device with the right keys and certificates. The CYTHEMIS™ Management System manages network access through strict rules and policies.

Hardware Based Secure Protection

Security and safety in various scenes.

CYTHEMIS™ establishes a secure environment in a wide range of scenarios including infrastructure facilities and factories where security measures are otherwise difficult to implement. Where applicable, remote maintenance can be also realized by CYTHEMIS™.

Scene 1. Infrastructure facilities and factories

Infrastructure facilities and factories for which security measures are difficult to implement due to the mixture of legacy equipment

Scene 2. Equipment that handles security related data

Equipment that handles security related data such as surveillance cameras and POS (point of sale)

Scene 3. Equipment that requires remote maintenance

Equipment that requires remote maintenance

Product Specifications - Form of Delivery

Supported Protocol Protocol operating over TCP and UCP
Interface RJ-45
Power AC or USB Power
Management System On-premises or Cloud*
Security Certification CC (ISO/IEC 15408)*
Device Size L: 84mm x W: 84mm x H: 38mm
Device Mass Approximately 170g
Product Series Wifi, POE* (power over ethernet)
  • * These features are planned for further versions

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