Green Procurement

Green Procurement

Toshiba Battery Div. has established green procurement guidelines and is developing pro-environmental procurement activities.

We have established Green Procurement Guidelines (selection criteria for suppliers and procurement products), and promoting green procurement activities throughout the supply chain with the cooperation of our suppliers.
We would like to ask our suppliers to refer to the "Green Procurement Guidelines" and to systematically promote environmental activities and provide products, parts, and materials with low environmental impact.
The information on chemical substances contained in products provided by our suppliers is managed in our internal database to develop pro-environmental procurement activities.

Green Procurement Guidelines


  • Toshiba Group's Environmental Future Vision 2050
  • Purpose of Green Procurement
  • Scope of Application of Green Procurement
  • Requests to Suppliers

*Survey forms for automotive applications are also available.

Survey forms

As for each form and appendix, please use the latest version.
The "Abbreviation" in the following list corresponds to the "Abbreviation" in the " Table of forms and appendices" in the Green Procurement Guidelines shown above.

List of products containing EU REACH SVHC
Abbreviation:Appendix-3 (ECHA, European Chemicals Agency)

List of chemical substances used by the automotive industry (GADSL)
Abbreviation:Appendix-5 (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL))

Railway Industry Substance List
Abbreviation:Appendix-6 (European Rail Industry (UNIFE))        

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