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15 May, 2024
Toshiba Europe Ltd today announced it has developed a fully on-chip quantum random number generator ready for serial assembly. This advance will enable the mass manufacture of this quantum security technology, bringing its application to a much wider range of real-life scenarios.
10 May, 2024
TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation has developed the world’s first AI for precise control of complex robot operations using ‘offline reinforcement learning’ with a small amount of data. Toshiba evaluated this AI by simulation of eight types of tasks, such as picking and placing objects, in a publicly available benchmark environment. The average success rate, which was 36% with conventional methods, improved to 72% with the newly developed AI, achieving world-class precision.
08 May, 2024
Toshiba Corporation has developed an unsupervised image classification AI that significantly improves the accuracy for benchmark images from 27.6% to 83.0%. This is achieved by utilizing our proprietary deep-learning-based unsupervised AI, which classifies types of defects and failures in inspection images accumulated at the manufacturing site without any manual labeling tasks.
12 Apr, 2024
Kawasaki, Japan – Toshiba Corporation has started two demonstration experiments exploring advanced energy conservation and security in its office in Innovation Palette, its state-of-the-art R&D facility in Kawasaki, Japan: an energy conservation demonstration that estimates people flows to provide optimal control of lighting and air conditioning; and a security demonstration that combines Toshiba’s video analysis AI with cocobo, a security robot developed by SECOM Co. Ltd. Both demonstrations utilize an operational digital twin, which recognizes spaces, people, and energy usage, using data collected from sensors and cameras to realize appropriate control and optimization of facilities.