Easy to handle for AGVs and robots!

Toshiba's SCiB™ is suitable for industrial applications such as AGVs and robots that require high charge and discharge rates. SCiB™ Industrial Pack provides an all-in-one solution that is easy to install on the battery system.

The greatest feature is its ease of handling. No complicated electrical design is required for installation. Just turn on the switch, and the battery pack is ready for use.
If evaluation or verification tests are needed immediately, SCiB™ Industrial Pack is the right choice.

The built-in BMU (Battery Management Unit) monitors the cell's voltage, current and temperature, protects against overcharging and overdischarging, maintains the voltage balance of each cell, and provides SOC (State of Charge) and the system's self-diagnosis.

SCiB™ Industrial Pack offers an easy installation and safe operation for AGVs and robots.

Achieving total cost reduction with small impact on the environment

Lead-acid batteries have often been used for AGV and robot applications where high power delivery is needed for frequent charging and discharging. Used in this manner, however, the lifespan of lead-acid batteries is significantly shortened, requiring them to be replaced with new ones every couple of years or so*, with heightened cost of purchasing replacement batteries and disposing of old ones.

SCiB™ Industrial Pack, by contrast, has a much longer life, with small capacity degradation even after more than 20,000 charge cycles*, which not just results in lower long-term cost, but creates a smaller impact on the environment. 

Reducing physical strain on operators

With the introduction of AGVs and robots into the transportation industry, operation efficiency has been constantly improving, with batteries needing increasingly frequent replacing for charging.
Take, for example, a common type of AGV carrying two lead-acid batteries (each weighing 19 kg). Manually removing the spent batteries for charging and replacing them with fully charged ones can be a physical strain on the operating personnel.
As the production line cannot operate while the batteries are being replaced, it can lead to a drop in productivity. This is especially marked in winter, when the low temperature brings down the charge and discharge efficiency, requiring the batteries to be charged about 1.5 times more frequently. 

SCiB™ Industrial Pack, on the other hand, is much lighter and can cut the battery weight by 50% to 75%, making for reduced physical strain on the operators. The reduced weight will also improve the charge and discharge efficiency and, thanks to the high-rate charging capability of SCiB™ Industrial Pack, allow the batteries to be charged during a brief stop at the charging system, eliminating the need for the manual battery replacement.

Improving operating rate and realizing 24-hour operation

Lead-acid batteries require approximately eight hours of charging time, at least two sets of lead-acid batteries are needed so one set can be charged while the other is operating.

The operating rate can be further improved by using SCiBTM Industrial Packs with automatic charging system in the production line. The battery's rapid charging capability allows it to be charged sporadically during the working hours, restoring the lost capacity as the AGV or robot makes a brief stop at the charging system. 

SCiB™ Industrial Pack, combined with automated charging, will boost the productivity by making it possible for the AGVs and robots to remain operative around the clock.


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