Toshiba Industrial lithium-ion Battery
High safety, and charge anywhere

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No emission of hydrogen gas. You can charge SCiB™ Industrial Pack, anywhere.

Hydrogen gas is generated when a lead-acid battery is overcharged, potentially causing ignition. Toshiba industrial lithium-ion battery SCiB™ Industrial Pack do not emit a hazardous hydrogen gas and can be easily charged at worksites.

There is lower risk of lithium deposition. SCiB™ can be used safely for a long time!

In case of conventional lithium-ion batteries, there is a risk of lithium metal deposition, which could break separator and cause internal short circuit when it is used for long period of time, under very cold temperature, or with high charging current. There is lower risk of lithium metal deposition in case of SCiB™.

Resistance of an internally-short-circuited area increases and reduces the short-circuit current.

Even in case of internal short circuit, there is lower risk of smoke or ignition on SCiB™ because it reduces short circuit current due to increase of resistance around internal short circuit area.

Compliance with safety standards

SCiB™ 23Ah cells and Industrial Pack comply with various safety standards.

Rapid Charging

Toshiba Industrial lithium-ion Battery
Charging completes within 1 hour!
(20-minute charging is even possible)

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Rapid charging in only one hour!

It took 8 hours to charge a lead-acid battery, but SCiB™ Industrial Pack can drastically reduce the charging time. It can be charged even within 20 minutes if corresponding charger is available.

Improve operational efficiency by reduction of charging time!

Rapid charging drastically reduces downtime caused by battery charging. Operations with a minimum number of AGVs enhance operational efficiency of AGVs.

Long Life

Toshiba Industrial lithium-ion Battery
Long life of 10 years reduces the total cost!

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SCiB™ can be used for more than 20,000 cycles

Actual measurement data have proven that SCiB™ cells keep more than 70% of capacity after 20,000 times of SOC*100% charge-discharge cycles. There will be almost no capacity degradation expected after 20,000 times of SOC50%-90% charge-discharge cycles.
*SOC: State of Charge

SCiB™ Industrial Pack can be used for 10 years, more than 3 times longer than lead-acid batteries!

SCiB™ Industrial Pack does not require replacement for long time and reduces total cost of ownership!
It is also maintenance free!

Total cost is lower because of long life!

Although lead-acid battery is cheaper if only considering the initial cost, you can enjoy lower total cost of ownership by SCiB™ Industrial Pack in the long run.

SCiB™ Industrial Pack is environment-friendly thanks to longer life and less waste.

The longer life cycle reduces the environmental impact.

Compact & Light

Toshiba Industrial lithium-ion Battery
The smaller size reduces the load when replacing with the charged battery.

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Only 8kg! 1/4 the weight of a lead-acid battery

A lead-acid battery is large and heavy, and charging and replacing is hard work. However, the weight of Toshiba industrial lithium-ion battery SCiB™ Industrial Pack is a quarter (8 kg) of a lead-acid battery! This new lightweight battery reduces the workload.

External Interface

Toshiba Industrial lithium-ion Battery
Reliable battery management

One-package solution!

Built-in BMU monitors the battery status, notify it to upper controller and protects the battery from abnormality (Over charge, Over discharge, Over current, High temperature).

Easy Replacement

Toshiba Industrial lithium-ion Battery
Easy replacement from lead-acid batteries

No complicated wiring!
Ready to use upon installation!

Conventional lithium-ion battery need to be carefully handled and complicated circuit need to be combined for charge/discharge, protection and safety. However, it is simple to use Toshiba industrial lithium-ion battery SCiB™ Industrial Pack and you only need to turn on the start signal. Output circuit is designed to be interrupted when you turn off the signal.

Low Temperature

Toshiba Industrial lithium-ion Battery
Resistance to low temperature

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SCiB™ outputs 70% or higher capacity even when the surrounding temperature is at -30℃.

In case of conventional lithium-ion batteries, there is a risk of lithium metal deposition, which could break separator and cause internal short circuit under low temperature. There is no risk of lithium metal deposition in case of SCiB™.


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