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How can lithium-ion batteries be disposed of safely?

How should I dispose of lithium-ion batteries?

In the case of small lithium-ion batteries used in PCs, smartphones, digital cameras, and other mobile devices, remove the battery from its compartment, cover its contacts with plastic or insulating tape, and take it to any store that cooperates with the disposal of industrial waste such as an electrical appliance store or a home center.
If you discard lithium-ion batteries together with regular flammable or plastic trash, they might ignite in a garbage truck or an incinerator, causing fire hazards.

* To search for stores that cooperate with the disposal of industrial waste in Japan, visit the JBRC website at

Lithium-ion batteries are used in products for daily use.
Check if the product contains any lithium-ion batteries before discarding them!

Got it! Just like nonburnable garbage and plastic bottles,
I will separate lithium-ion batteries from other types of garbage.

How should I dispose of industrial or large lithium-ion batteries?

You should properly dispose of industrial lithium-ion batteries used in automated guided vehicles (AGVs), storage battery systems, etc. as industrial waste.
The disposal method differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer when you need to dispose of lithium-ion batteries. Some manufacturers will introduce a reliable industrial waste collector to you.

Each country or region has its own regulation for the disposal of batteries.

Oh, I have to learn how I can dispose the lithium-ion battery
in my country before throw it away.

What are the key considerations for disposing of lithium-ion batteries safely?

The following considerations apply when disposing of lithium-ion batteries:

Scarce resources are used to manufacture lithium-ion batteries.

Proper disposal is the key to safety.
And it’s essential for environment.

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