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How can lithium-ion batteries be used safely?

Are lithium-ion batteries safe?

While lithium-ion batteries can store more energy than other types of batteries, they could smoke or ignite if you use them in the wrong way. For example, lithium-ion batteries have been reported to have failed in smartphones, PCs, and airplanes.
Although most lithium-ion batteries are equipped with safety devices, it is important to know how to use them properly.

Even lead-acid batteries I have need to be used in safe way.

That's right! By using batteries correctly,
you can bring out their optimum performance.

Are there any dos and don'ts to be followed to prevent the failure of lithium-ion batteries?

Yes, there are. Lithium-ion batteries are vulnerable to overcharging, overdischarging, heat, shock, and other external damages. So, they should be managed properly. The followings are the points to be avoided.

Figuratively speaking, the charge/discharge cycles of batteries
can be compared to the work days and holidays for human beings.
Both too much work and too much rest are bad for you.

Work-life balance is attracting a lot of attention in the world of batteries, too.
Personally, I prefer loooooong vacations...

How can I use lithium-ion batteries safely?

Use the following checklist to make sure you are using them properly.

They are free from damage and electrolyte leakage.
They are properly charged.
They aren't left overcharged.
They aren't left overdischarged (without being charged).
Their positive and negative terminals are connected correctly.
Different types of batteries aren't used together.
They are used in the temperature range specified by the manufacturer.

Avoid using lithium-ion batteries in the following places:

  • Places exposed to fire, heat, water, or excessively high or low temperature
  • Places subject to strong vibration or much dust
  • Places exposed to corrosive gases (SO2 and H2S) or flammable gases
  • Places near equipment producing strong radio waves or magnetic field
  • Humid places
  • Places where condensation form because of rapid temperature changes

Safety comes first, both for batteries and human beings!
I'll also check for myself.

I'm powered by SCiB™ Industrial Pack, which emphasizes safety, too.
Everyone should pay attention to battery safety!
Before using lithium-ion batteries, read their instruction manuals and specifications.

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