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How to choose the right lithium-ion battery?

How can I select the best lithium-ion battery?

There are six key points! Different types of lithium-ion batteries have different characteristics. So, consider the following six points.

Wow! There are so many things to consider.

Right! Lithium-ion batteries can be divided into various types
according to these metrics. For example...

Batteries with high energy output

Batteries with high energy density that help reduce system size

Batteries that can be used for many years


Hmmm. So, a lithium-ion battery which is good for one isn't necessarily as good for the other.

That’s right! It's important to select a battery that suits your purpose.

What are the criteria for selecting a lithium-ion battery?

Let's consider for what you want to use a battery from the following perspective.

In my case, I am working 1) in factory, 2) as AGV (Automated guided vehicle),
3) for long hours a day with people nearby.

You're doing great!
It's good idea to start with your application. For example...

I see. It's important to understand the characteristics of each type of
battery and select the one that best suits its purpose.

That's right. Learning the characteristics of each type of battery,
you can find out which one is the most suitable for your purpose.

After all, which battery is the best?

That depends on the usage environment. If you are not sure which one to use, contact the battery manufacturer.

I have been using the same battery for a long time.
I think it might be a good idea to try a new battery now.

Contact the battery manufacturer if you are not sure which battery to use.

About lithium-ion batteries


Feature AGV with Toshiba industrial lithium-ion battery SCiB™

Special skill  Working briskly with rapid charging

Goal To let everyone know about the advantages of lithium-ion batteries!

AGV: Automated guided vehicle designed to run on factory floors


Feature AGV with a lead-acid battery

Special skill  Sleeping deeply

Goal To live peacefully, valuing my work-life balance!


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