A : GridDB is a distributed time series database for IoT and Big Data.It is designed from the ground up to handle time-sensitive IoT data across numerous sensors while maintaining consistency and durability.

A : Time Series database is a database that specializes in storing and querying time series data. While it is possible to store and query in other relational and NoSQL databases, a Time Series database for IoT workloads is designed from the ground up to handle massive amount of IoT data ingestion, optimized in managing time series data with the built-in functionalities and scalable to the petabyte level while maintaining the same ingestion and query performance.

A : Toshiba has a long history in providing a variety of mission critical systems in different areas such as energy, manufacturing, and transportation. With Toshiba's expertise and know-how, GridDB was built from the ground up to accomodate the management of these massive amount of IoT data produced by such mission critical systems.

A : If you are storing massive amount of time series data and needs a database that can scale to your demands while maintaining the same level of performance then GridDB is the right choice.

A : While GridDB supports SQL, it also features NoSQL interface for a faster data ingestion and search. GridDB is also scalable to the petabyte level. 

A : GridDB Community Edition (CE) is free to use in both development and production environment. If you require enterprise features such as high availability and security, consider using GridDB Enterprise Edition (EE).

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