World Leader in Portable PCs Introduces World's Fastest Notebook Computer

5 March, 1996

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation, the world leader in portable computing, today announced the launch of the DynaBookTECRA 720, the fastest, most powerful notebook PC yet brought to market. DynaBook TECRA 720 is built around a series of industry-first innovations, among them first utilization of the new low-voltage 133MHz Pentium(TM) processor. Combination of this state-of-the-art microprocessor with 16 megabyte of high-speed EDO DRAM main memory and a 256 kilobyte pipelined burst SRAM for secondary cache memory allow to achieve the by far the highest performance of any notebook PC.

Worldwide marketing of the new notebook PC starts today.

The new PC brings many cutting-edge technologies to notebook PCs for the first time. Among DynaBookTECRA 720s world leading features are:

  1. Intel Corporation's new low-voltage 133MHz Pentium(TM) processor, specially designed for notebook PCs.
  2. The latest version of Toshibas peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus chip-set, specially designed to give notebook PCs the same high-speed data transfers between CPU and peripherals that desktop PCs offer.
  3. CardBus ready PC Card slots, a 32-bit dedicated data route between the PC Card slot and the CPU.
  4. Zoomed Video (ZV) port, a dedicated port offering high-speed transfer of video and audio without burdening the CPU.
  5. 1,024 x 768 resolution, simultaneous 65,536-color, 12.1-inch TFT LCD screen
  6. An optional desk station that offers both PC hot-docking and a wide range of system enhancements and expansion slots.
  7. An optional super-slim, low power consumption 6-time rotational speed CD-ROM drive swappable with 3.5-inch FDD.

Both Microsoft(R) Windows(R)95 and Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Version 3.1 are pre-installed, allowing users to choose one or the other.

With the growing demand for true multimedia, computers with the ability to process and communicate text, video and audio data, notebook PCs have to match desktop PCs in terms of processing speed, display, audio function and expandability. DynaBookTECRA 720 is the state-of-the-art solution.

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Main specifications of DynaBookTECRA 720


  1. Pentium is a trademark of Intel Corporation.
  2. MS-DOS, Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  3. The official name of Windows is the Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  4. EDO is Extended Data Out, a method allowing continuous high-speed data transfers between main memories and CPU.

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