Main specifications of DynaBookTECRA 720

CPU: Pentium(TM) Processor 133MHz (VRT)
Memory: 16MB (EDO, expandable to 80MB)
Mass Storage: HDD: Removable 2.5-inch 1.2GB
FDD: 3.5-inch (1.44MB/1.2MB/720KB) x 1
(both internal/external possible, swappable with CD-ROM drive)
CD-ROM drive: optional 5.25-inch 6-time rotational speed
drive (swappable with FDD)
Display: 12.1-inch TFT color LCD
1024 x 768 resolution 65,536 simultaneous color display
Graphics accelerator: CT65550
Video RAM: 2MB
Bus: 32bit PCI Bus, revision 2.1
Expansion: Standard Interfaces:
Serial (16550UART),
Parallel (ECP), external monitor,
PS/2 keyboard/Mouse, external FDD,
Desk Station V Plus/Enhanced Port Replicator II,
external microphone, external headphone, DC in, line-in, line-out
PC Card Slot:
Type III x 1 or Type II x 2 (ZV Port and CardBus PC Card ready)
Infrared capability:
Serial Infrared Port
Sound: Sound Blaster Pro compatible 16-bit sound
internal system speakers (stereo), internal microphone (mono)
Power: Li-ion lightweight removable, rechargeable battery (60.5Wh)
Battery life: operating time: approximately 2 to 3 hours
recharge time: approximately 4hours
Weight: Approximately 3.6kg
Dimensions: 297mm(W)x230mm(D)x59mm(H)


Memory kit: 8, 16, 32, 64MB
Battery pack: Extra Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack
Battery charger: 2 battery pack slots
Desk Station V Plus: Interfaces:
full-size PCI/ISA shared slot x 2 & half-size PCI slot x 1,
Type III PC Card slot x 2 (CardBus ready),
Serial (16550UART), Parallel (ECP),
external monitor, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, SCSI-2,
microphone, headphone, line-in, line-out, joystick,
MIDI in/out (from joystick port),
5.25-inch half-height FDD/CD-ROM pack drive
Weight: 9.0kg
Dimensions: 410mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 85mm(front H)
Enhanced Port
Replicator III:
Interface: Type III PC Card slot x 2 (CardBus ready),
Serial (16550UART), Parallel (ECP),
external FDD, external monitor, PS/2 keyboard,
PS/2 mouse, external microphone, headphone,
line-in, line-out, Joystick/MIDI
Kensington Cable Lock Port, DC-in
Weight: 1.6kg
Dimensions: 300mm(W) x 170mm(D) x 65mm(H)

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