More details of DynaBookTECRA 720

  1. DynaBookTECRA 720 is the first notebook PC to incorporate Intel Corporation's new 133MHz Pentium processor. Designed specifically for advanced notebook PCs, it offers a processing speed that surpasses that of many desktops, while maintaining low-voltage operation: 3.3W in normal state, 1.0W when idling.

  2. The latest, enhanced version of Toshiba's peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus chip-set for notebook PCs provides DynaBookTECRA 720 with a 32-bit wide data bus between the CPU and peripherals. This PCI bus gives DynaBookTECRA 720 the same high-speed data transfer that is becoming a standard in desktop PCs. Its speed of data switching allows DynaBookTECRA 720 to utilize the capabilities of its high-speed Pentium processor to the full. Moreover, the PCI bus chip-set supports hotdocking to Desk Station V Plus for the first time.

  3. As the first notebook PC to incorporate CardBus ready PC Card slots, the 32-bit architecture established as the latest standard under the PC Card Standard Specification (1995), DynaBookTECRA 720 can connect to high speed networks through advanced peripherals , such as 100Mbit Ethernet CardBus Cards.

  4. Another DynaBookTECRA 720 first is adoption of the Zoomed Video (ZV) port that can transfer video and audio data without burdens on the CPU. The port enables direct connection of PC cards and video/sound chips and allow users to enjoy fully motion images (30 frames/second), like standard TV image, on the PC screen, at full size.

  5. DynaBookTECRA 720s 12.1-inch TFT LCD offers 1,024 x 768 pixel resolution and can simultaneously display 65,536 colors. This high level of performance is the result of the CT65550 64-bit high-speed graphic accelerator chip, which DynaBookTECRA 720 is the first computer to incorporate.

  6. The 1.2-gigabyte drive that is standard with DynaBookTECRA 720 utilizes the Enhanced-IDE standard, pushing data transfers to 2.5 times that of the normal IDE standard.

  7. DynaBookTECRA 720s optional Desk Station V Plus interfaces directly with the computers PCI bus, allowing users to use super-fast PCI cards in its PCI card slots. The DynaBookTECRA 720 can be hot-docked -- connected to the desk station while switched on -- to interface with Desk Station V plus amplifier and speakers, interchangeable CD-ROM/floppy disk drive dock, built-in SCSI-II port and wide range of peripheral connections.

  8. In another industry-first, DynaBookTECRA 720 brings a 6-time rotational speed CD-ROM drive to a notebook PC. This optional super-slim CD-ROM drive offers fast data retrieval and downloading speed that match those of most desktop PCs.

  9. Dynamic sound effects are assured by a sound chip compatible with SoundBlaster Pro and an integrated microphone and stereo speakers.

  10. The new PC comes standard with the communications functions required of a top-of-the-line notebook PC. A 28,800bps (fax: 14,400bps) high-speed modem gives fast connection to the Internet, on-line services and paperless faxing. It also support PC to PC and peripheral communication via an infrared communication interface that meets IrDA standard.

  11. A 60.5 Watt hour enhanced lithium-ion battery -- the worlds largest capacity of lithium-ion battery -- and power-saving technologies realize from two to three hours of operation from a single charge.

Shipping will start in the middle of April at a price of 898,000 yen.

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