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Estimate biomarker levels (Key protein to evaluate skin characteristics) in stratum corneum and cell form using deep learning

AI substitutes for biochemical analysis and image evaluation requiring time and specialized analysis equipment.

  • A cosmetics manufacturer* provides counselling and personal solution programs based on the biomarker levels in stratum corneum measured through biochemical analysis. Biochemical analysis, however, takes time, and requires specialized analysis devices. Although there was a known method for image evaluation of the form of stratum corneum cells, evaluations require specialized knowledge and take time, so they were difficult to apply.
  • This technology uses deep learning models to estimate biomarker levels and recognize cell form from an image of the skin stratum corneum sample, to provide services quickly and at a low cost.
  • *) FANCL Corporation


  • Alternative method of biochemical analysis for counselling based on skin stratum corneum samples for customers at cosmetics sales outlets

Benchmarks, strengths, and track record

  • Adopted in FANCL’s “AI personal analysis for stratum corneum.”
  • Patent pending


Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Toshiba analytics AI service “SATLYS” (in Japanese)


  • Takeshi Tohgasaki (FANCL Corporation), Masaya Eto, Ai Kido, Riki Kudo (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation), Saki Aihara, Mariko Ikeda, Shioji Ishiwatari, Shinya Kondo, Tetsuhito Sakurai (FANCL Corporation), “Use of AI in human skin stratum corneum cell image analysis”, 25th  MIRU 2022 Symposium (on Image Recognition and Understanding), 2022. (in Japanese)
  • Takeshi Tohgasaki, Saki Aihara, Mariko Ikeda, Minako Takahashi, Shioji Ishiwatari (FANCL Corporation), Masaya Eto, Riki Kudo, Hiroshi Taira, Ai Kido (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation), Shinya Kondo, Tetsuhito Sakurai (FANCL Corporation), “Novel image analysis technique decodes the physiological information engraved on the stratum corneum”, 32nd IFSCC Congress (IFSCC2022), 2022.
  • FANCL’s “AI Personal stratum corneum analysis", Japan’s first, adopts Toshiba’s analytics AI SATLYS (2022/9/15 in Japanese)