Toshiba Japan Recruitment offers new graduates full-time career opportunities with Toshiba Group in Japan. To support our global business expansion, we seek talented people with diverse backgrounds who share the same team spirit. We work together to deliver innovative technologies and products that enhance human life, to realize our commitment to people and to the future.

What It's Like to Work at Toshiba

See messages from seniors working at Toshiba: why they chose Toshiba, and what they feel about being part of the team.

Onboarding Support

Japanese Language & Business Culture Training

Toshiba provides a comprehensive training package to support new global employees including Japanese language training, business manners, technological knowledge, corporate philosophy and so on. We also offer various training and development programs based on individual needs and career development.

Handbook for Toshiba Global Employees

For employees who are hired via Toshiba Japan Recruitment, Toshiba supports his/ her entry into Japan with a smooth start of a new life in Japan and Toshiba. We have published the "Toshiba Global Recruits' Lifestyle Guide" to introduce Toshiba Group and a wide range of living information to help global employees to settle down in the new environment faster and easier.


As one of the work-related support, mentors are assigned to each new employee to give guidance based on a tailor-made job skill improvement plan.

Career Development

Photo of Margaux T.

Toshiba has a differentiating and deep comprehensive training program for its new employees which help them to melt into the company universe. Up till now I have had Japanese language training adapted to my level, Corporate Entry training where I learned about Toshiba’s philosophy and built a network with all the new recruits, and factory training that brought me different perspectives about product design. Though working in Japan is challenging due to a different working culture from my own country, the training programs equipped me with all the necessities for my journey with Toshiba.

Margaux T.

From France
Product Designer
Design Center

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