Services & Solutions – Grid Protection & Automation​

Services Overview

Toshiba provides a wide range of services adapted perfectly to meet your needs for power system protection & automation across power utility, renewable energy, and industrial applications. ​

Equipped with more than 100 years history of trustworthy products and professional experiences, our teams deliver an effective service solution that can help you to navigate the challenges of operating your electrical system.​

Our technical specialists can help you to plan, design, operate, maintain, and modernize your protection, control, monitoring, and automation systems.​

With our global teams and partners, we can provide a rapid and reliable response to our customers worldwide.

Services Flow​

1. Assessment

We will perform an initial assessment to understand the current status of your system. We will recommend the most appropriate service to  help improve and optimize your system. We will report the assessment result and discuss together the recommended actions for implementation.

2. Implementation

We will provide full support in implementing the recommended solution from project planning, design, manufacturing, installation, and testing.

3. Evaluation

By combining our products and services you will benefit from the long-term and dedicated support of our team. Your system will be regularly evaluated, ensuring operational effectiveness and trouble-free service.

Services Portfolio

A one-stop solution for Grid protection & automation services. Five service themes ensure a comprehensive solution for all your needs.

Our maintenance services guarantee a fast and reliable response to maximize your system availability.

Our team provides an all-in-one service that supports you in day-to-day operation, preventive maintenance, and emergency response.

We have developed a maintenance platform with state-of-the art artificial intelligence that can respond quickly and efficiently with troubleshooting or root caused analysis in any given situation.

Remote Support

  • 24x7 stand-by remote support
  • Remote diagnosis & trouble-shooting
  • Technical assistance & consultancy
  • Product guidance from our experts

On-site Support

  • On-call site support
  • Preventive scheduled maintenance
  • Replacement and repair
  • Expert consultation (audit/assessment/consultation)

Our training services cover various courses in power system protection, control, and automation. The training program can be specially customized to fit your requirement.

The training program is designed by our experts with the most up-to-date materials and technology. Training sessions can be offered both online and in-person at our training facilities or at your location. We also have recorded courses and webinars.

Our technical team can provide support in fault analysis, protection system response analysis, and virtual reproduction of network disturbances.

We can help you to determine the root-caused of specific disturbances in your electrical network, predict the locations which are prone to faults and provide solutions to improve your grid resilience.

Equipped with state-of-the-art Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS), we can provide power system simulation to study power flow, network stability, frequency analysis, and voltage instability.

Our services can help you to realize a robust and secure protection & automation system for your transmission network.

Our cyber security services ensure secure protection and automation systems operation and provide useful data for future enhancement of your systems.

In recent years industrial & social infrastructure sector has been increasingly targeted by cyber attacks. Monitoring of system vulnerability and security analysis are becoming increasingly important, as are the implementation of cybersecurity measures for totally safe and secure protection & automation systems operation.

Our team can offer a vulnerability monitoring service for the whole life cycle, as well as a security log analysis service. The outcome of this service will be valuable in understanding your system current vulnerability status, complete evaluation of security risk, and planning for future security enhancement.

Our service is your one-stop solution for retrofit of your power system protection & automation.

We can provide an all-in-one package starting from existing system assessment to design, installation and testing/commissioning of the newly upgraded system.

Our extensive experience ranges from substation bay extension to system enhancement such as conversion of a conventional substation to a fully digital substation.