Notable features of "Libretto ff 1100"

1. Mobile music
Toshiba's "LIVE MEDIA PLAYER" software is pre-loaded and can playback WAV, MIDI and MP3 files from Libretto's hard disk, the SmartMedia drive or other sources. All basic controls, play, stop and volume, etc., can be operated with the control unit, which also displays the title and time of played back music on its LCD The Libretto's hard disk has a tremendous 3.2GB capacity, equivalent to about 30 MDs, allowing the computer to become a music library.

2. Camera support
SCOOPY, a 1/4-inch C-MOS detachable camera with 350,000-pixel resolution can record still and motion pictures anywhere at anytime at any angle between 0B to 180B. It has self-timing and multi-shot functions.

3. New concepts
The Libretto is the world's first mini-notebook PC with a separate control unit. The i.Shuttle supports power on and off, opening and closing applications, control of the camera and control of music recording and playback. Its integrated LCD also announces incoming mail and its origin, and displays such information as remaining power, etc.

4. SmartMedia
The SmartMedia drive supports the high-density postage-stamp sized SmartMedia flash memory cards developed by Toshiba. SmartMedia is widely used as the memory medium for digital cameras and other digital equipment.

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