Toshiba Adds New Dimension to Mobile Computing

28 June, 1999

Innovative mini-notebook PC supports advanced audio-visual capabilities
Super-slim desktop computer with big power in a compact package

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation, the world leader in portable PCs, today celebrated the 10th anniversary of its launch of the world's first notebook PC by introducing a comprehensive lineup of new portable PCs and innovative desktop PCs to the Japanese market.

The company introduced 8 new models and a total of 16 variants. Standouts in the lineup include the Libretto ff 1100, which fuses mobile computing and mobile entertainment, and the DynaTop, a slim-line desktop computer that integrates the PC into a slender console with a TFT screen.

With the Libretto ff 1100, visual images and music can be recorded and enjoyed with ease. A detachable C-MOS camera allows still and motion images to be recorded for playback, editing and mailing, while an innovative SmartMedia drive supports the removable high-capacity flash memory developed by Toshiba. SmartMedia supports data recording from numerous digital sources, including digital still cameras, and the new drive provides a fast, reliable interface with the computer. It also has a novel function called "audible e-mail", which converts the text message received via e-mail into voice synthesis output.

The Libretto ff 1100 also supports a wired control unit that can be used to control the camera and music recording and playback. The control unit incorporates headphones for personal playback of music and other audio files including "audible e-mail".

DynaTop desktop PCs are much lighter, slimmer and much more portable than typical desktop PCs. The PC is integrated into the base of the monitor, has footprint 60% of that of a comparable standard PC. Positioned to replace the conventional desktop, the DynaTop offers a choice of 14.1- and 15-inch monitors yet can be easily moved from desk to desk or room to room. Operating performance is enhanced by a display luminance of 200cd/m2 and low power consumption.

The full-featured functionality of the DynaTop is complemented by a sophisticated design that emphasizes user comfort while escaping from traditional, boxy ideas of what a computer should look like.

The new lineup is rounded out by a new series of DynaBookSS PCs, the B5-sized super-slim notebook PC, all with an 11.3-inch low temperature polysilicon TFT display, and new additions to the A4-sized DynaBook series that bring the DVD-ROM into the mainstream of portable computing.

Toshiba sent ripples through the computer world ten years ago when it introduced the world's first notebook PC, the DynaBook J-3100SS in June 1989, to the Japanese market. The concept of a "PC for anybody, anywhere and anytime" struck a deep chord that still sounds today in a portable PC market driven by wave after wave of innovation. Toshiba has consistently maintained its lead of this demanding market, harnessing its capabilities in design, components, high density packaging and manufacturing to define new lines of products, including sub-notebook (1994) and mini-notebook PCs (1996), with must-have capabilities. As the world number 1 in the portable market in 1998, the position it has held for five consecutive years, Toshiba enjoyed an 18.4% share of the world market.

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