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Toshiba Develops SSD Simulation and Analysis Platform for Design Optimization


Toshiba Corporation has developed an SSD(Note 1) design optimization platform that realizes efficient analysis of various SSD simulations, greatly reducing work on design optimization. Toshiba will present details at the Design Automation Conference in San Francisco, California on June 8.

As NAND flash memory storage densities continue to climb, SSDs are finding much wider application in data centers and industrial equipment. However, increasing design complexity requires designers to combine SSD design parameters carefully, and the diversity of requirements for capacity, performance, power consumption and reliability complicates optimization. With optimization based on traditional methods becoming increasingly difficult, technologies that efficiently identify optimal solutions for a given combination of SSD design parameters are desired.

Toshiba has developed a unified SSD design optimization platform made up of ArcHunter, which carries out a variety of SSD simulations, and Polyspector, which summarizes simulation results for efficient analysis. Together, they allow easy construction and comparison of a wide variety of SSD models, and support efficient searches for optimal combinations of design parameters. A particularly important achievement is the use of general-purpose tools for SSD model development and simulation analysis tasks previously performed by hand, realizing significant reductions in the optimization workload.

Future research and development work will aim to apply these technologies to other storage systems that require optimization of design parameters.

Overview of the development technology

(Note 1) SSD: Solid-state drive, a semiconductor-based storage device that uses NAND flash memory, etc.