Toshiba AI Technology Catalog

  • Anomaly detection
  • Media data analysis

Inspection technology with the no-defects learning system

Enables rapid automation of inspection processes and increased inspection accuracy through AI image inspections using the “no-defects learning” approach.

  • This AI image inspection technology using the “no-defects learning” approach is a solution for automating inspection processes in the front lines of manufacturing.
  • With “no-defects learning” based on Toshiba’s original threshold optimization method, it is possible to prevent missed defects while at the same time reducing false positives. This approach conserves worker labor in inspection processes.
  • Preparations for inspections (model construction) can be completed without gathering defects, which are rare in the front lines of volume production (uses acceptable products only).


  • General image inspections of assembly items

Benchmarks, strengths, and track record

  • Only acceptable product images are used as teaching data, enabling learning in a short time with just a few images.
  • No specialized skills are needed to create an acceptable product model or adjust accuracy.


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