Toshiba AI Technology Catalog

  • Anomaly detection
  • Status estimation
  • State change detection

Anomaly detection AI using ultrasound sensor

It is able to detect unknown abnormalities.

  • Detects anomalies in waste water treatment settling tanks and other equipment using timeseries data from ultrasound sensors.
  • Learns models from normal state data alone, and calculates anomaly scores for evaluation data.
    This makes it possible to quickly discover anomalies and minimize operating costs.


  • Detects anomalies in settling tanks for waste water treatment.
  • In remote facilities monitoring, detects anomalies in facilities where anomalies are rare and gathering examples is difficult.
  • Detects anomalies using timeseries data.

Benchmarks, strengths, and track record

  • Adopted in S.sensing™ TS, Kurita Water Industries Ltd.’s automatic settling tank monitoring service.