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  • Anomaly detection
  • Sensor data recognition
  • Status estimation
  • State change detection
  • Media recognition

Distance estimation with a monocular camera (aberration map 3D measurement)

Using a single photograph, measures distance to a subject and subject size in 0.3 seconds or less.

  • Through supervised learning of the relationship between the information of blur caused by actual lens aberration, image position and distance to the subject, it became possible to quickly (*1) and accurately (*2) estimate the distance to the subject and the size of the subject from a single image.
  • When processed using a graphics processing unit (Geforce GTX 1080Ti), with a neural network that applies an original acceleration method
  • “Accurate”: Measurement error of approximately 10%; the same error as “stereo” method


  • Infrastructure inspection service
  • Automatic driving
  • Product inspections

Benchmarks, strengths, and track record

  • Original Toshiba technology that measures actual distance and actual size from a single photograph
  • Can also measure distances of moving objects.
  • Works with a variety of cameras, including smart phones, USB cameras, and single lens reflex cameras.


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