Railway Transportation Systems for a Comfortable Future.

Toshiba, in its commitment for future progress, has consistently achieved technological breakthroughs on the three systems that shape the future- Rolling Stock Systems, Power Supply Systems, and Information Systems. Toshiba has been working to improve on every requirement of railway transportation such as environment adaptation, safety, punctuality, comfort, and reliability. Toshiba brings advanced technologies for rolling stock systems, power supply systems, and information systems on a global scale.

Business area

Business area

Rolling Stock Systems

In pursuit of user and environmentally friendly Rolling Stock systems with safety and comfort, Toshiba aims to develop various technologies in the future.
Ever since Toshiba has commenced manufacturing traction motors and propulsion systems in 1899, we have continued technology innovation which brought about the creation of new rolling stock systems.Toshiba has delivered many rolling stock systems not only in domestic market, but also overseas.

Power Supply Systems

Power supply system plays an essential part in the railway service.Toshiba SCADA for power supply systems achieve the stable and highly reliable operation.
Toshiba has been striving continuously, to realize advanced system products, integrating highly reliable and experienced engineering technology, as well as reflecting on various market demands.

Information Systems

Toshiba provides advanced railway control and information systems by combining established railway technologies with advanced information and communication technologies(ICT).
Toshiba supplies comprehensive control and information systems, such as transportation planning systems, train traffic control systems, signalling systems, rolling stock management systems, and facility SCADA, which support efficient railway transport and business operations.