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TISS to Deliver Replacement Electric Equipment for Taiwan High Speed Rail
--Replacement electric equipment for 360 cars--

24 Sep, 2019

Kawasaki, Japan--Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereafter TISS) today announced that it has received an order for replacement electric equipment for 30 trains (360 cars) of Taiwan High Speed Rail from Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation via Toshiba Electronics Taiwan Corporation. TISS will deliver the electric equipment successively, starting in the first half-year period of 2021.

Taiwan High Speed Rail, which runs 345 kilometers from Taipei to Kaohsiung in about one and a half hours at the earliest, commenced operation in January 2007. The new electric equipment will replace the one that the company delivered to Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation via Taiwan Shinkansen Corporation when Taiwan High Speed Rail opened. TISS will manufacture the replacement electric equipment at Fuchu Complex.

In 2000, a Japanese consortium was awarded a contract for the Taiwan High Speed Rail project, and as a member of the consortium, TISS delivered electric equipment for rolling stock, substation systems, train traffic control systems, communication systems, maintenance management systems, etc. TISS also received an order for four trains (48 cars) in May 2012 together with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and an order for substation systems for the Taipei-Nangang extension project in July 2013 together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. In February 2014, in addition, TISS received an order on its own for broadcasting, traffic signal control, and other systems for three stations between Taipei and Zuoying. Since Taiwan High Speed Rail opened for service, TISS has provided maintenance services for the delivered equipment and systems in cooperation with Toshiba Electronics Taiwan Corporation.
TISS has received the new order because it is highly regarded for its proven track record as well as for its services that help sustain equipment and systems for a long period of time.

TISS has an extensive track record in the delivery of electric equipment, not only for a high-speed railway but also for commuter trains operated by Taiwan Railway Administration. Considering Taiwan as one of the focus markets for its overseas railway business, TISS will continue with marketing activities to make long-term contributions to customers' railway operations.

Taiwan High Speed Rail 700T
Taiwan High Speed Rail 700T