News Release

Announcement of an order for traction system electrical equipment for commuter trains for Taiwan Railways Administration

15 Jan, 2019

Kawasaki, Japan--Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereafter TISS) has received an order for traction system electrical equipment for 520 cars of commuter train (52 trains comprising 10 cars each) for the Taiwan Railways Administration (hereafter TRA). TISS plans to start making some deliveries to the rolling stock manufacturer Hyundai Rotem Company in 2019, and commercial operations will commence from the end of 2020.

The order is for complete sets of traction system electrical equipment such as transformers, power converters and traction motors, primarily for commuter trains that run on a train line along the west coast of Taiwan approximately 430 km long.
Two types of transformers will be delivered: the forced air cooling type, which supplies power to both the auxiliary power units and power converters that drive and control traction motors and which have been used by the TRA, and the compact self-cooling type, which supplies power only to a power converter.
Moreover, the power converters comprise a three-level PWM*1 converter and a three-phase voltage-type two-level VVVF*2 inverter that utilize IGBT*3 components and have been used by the TRA for the commuter train EMU800 series, and employ a control system suitable for the TRA’s unique speed command system to ensure high reliability and save energy.

Starting in 2000 with deliveries of electrical equipment to the TRA for rolling stock in the commuter train EMU600 series, TISS has now provided the TRA with electrical equipment more than 700 rolling stock units, and TISS has also supplied electrical equipment for the Taiwan High Speed Rail. This latest order indicates the recognition that TISS has gained for its extensive experience in the Taiwan market.

In 2015, the TRA announced a 10-year plan to invest 100 billion Taiwan dollars (approx. 360 billion yen) in purchasing over 1,300 new rolling stock units, and is currently in the process of carrying out that plan. TISS will focus on Taiwan as a major market for railway business operations and will continue to carry out marketing activities in Taiwan.

Power converters delivered for the commuter train EMU800 series
Power converters delivered for the commuter train EMU800 series
*1 :
Pulse Width Modulation
*2 :
Variable Voltage Variable Frequency
*3 :
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor