Toshiba Wins Two Awards at iF DESIGN AWARD 2024

March 08, 2024

TOKYO - Toshiba Corporation (“Toshiba”) has reconfirmed its commitment to quality and excellence in design by clinching two awards at iF DESIGN AWARD 2024. The award-winning projects are Toshiba Millimeter-Wave Imaging Radar Module, a walk-through detection system that detects and visualizes potentially dangerous items such as concealed weapons, and Inverter Air Conditioner DAISEIKAI 10, jointly submitted with Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

The Toshiba Millimeter-Wave Imaging Radar Module was recognized in "Product Concept" category, part of the “Professional Concept” discipline that covers future technologies. Inverter Air Conditioner DAISEIKAI 10 received acclaim in "Building Technology" category under the "Product Design" discipline.

iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the most prestigious international competitions for good design, is sponsored by iF International Forum Design GmbH, the world’s oldest independent design organization, based in Hanover, Germany. 


Toshiba’s Winning Projects

1. Millimeter-Wave Imaging Radar Module for Secure Space Management Solution

Indiscriminate acts of terror in crowded public spaces have increased in recent years, and the need for advanced security measures has never been more pressing. Toshiba has developed a walk-through detection system based on millimeter-wave radar imaging technology. This innovative, high-resolution system visualizes and identifies concealed hazardous materials and weapons in under a second, while maintaining smooth flows of people in public areas. The system is modular, and its component units can be connected like building blocks. This delivers adaptability and scalability that facilitates walk-through inspections and allows use in diverse locations. Unlike conventional security products, the design has an approachable form that fosters a sense of reassurance and comfort.

2. Inverter Air Conditioner DAISEIKAI 10

As the planet heats up, demand for air conditioners is rising, even in regions with traditionally low air conditioning penetration rate, a trend that is making the environmental implications of their production and use increasingly evident. DAISEIKAI 10 was developed to address this concern, with the primary objective to mitigate environmental impact. By utilizing sustainably sourced wood for its exterior, it significantly reduces reliance on plastic materials, while also incorporating highly recyclable plastic in concealed components. The design not only reduces environmental strain but also complements interior aesthetics, showcasing the natural tones and textures of authentic wood furnishings. Recognized for its commitment to sustainability and excellence in design, this achievement is shared with Toshiba Carrier (Thailand).


Established in 1954, the iF DESIGN AWARD is today recognized as a leading arbiter of design, and as one of the world’s most important design prizes. It honours design achievements in nine areas: product design, packaging design, communication design, service design, interior architecture, professional concept, service design, architecture, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI). This year’s award winners were chosen by a jury of 132 global experts and presented to participants from among almost 11,000 entries submitted from 72 nations.