CEO Message on New Management Structure

December 22, 2023

I am pleased to report that Toshiba Corporation today introduced a new management structure, a step toward implementing a new growth strategy resting on stable management foundations.

We held the first meeting of the Board of Directors under the new structure today. Our six newly appointed directors bring a great wealth of experience and knowledge to their responsibilities, and we look forward to their informed opinions and support that will enhance Toshiba Group’s corporate value. In order to quickly carry out internal reforms that advance execution of our growth strategy, we will optimize our organization charged with vigorously promoting change.

To underline the importance of our new management structure, I have shared a video message with all Toshiba Group employees, urging them to implement change. Toshiba will mark its 150th anniversary in 2025, and we must transform the company by implementing unprecedented reforms for the next 100 years. Toshiba must create things that do not exist, for which there are no alternatives, continue to ensure the full support of our customers, and generate significant profits that we can invest in the future.

Toward this, we will effectively end the structure of four key group companies, and as a major step in that direction, I today became president of all four. As we move forward, we will continue to study how best to optimize Toshiba’s management structure, including the integration of the four legal entities. As we do so, we will make optimal resource allocation to growth areas and potential profit both in Japan and overseas. Through the combined efforts of all group employees working together, we aim to quickly achieve an ROS of 10% or more, and get Toshiba back on a growth trajectory.

As Toshiba evolves, some things will remain the same. We are proud to have earned the deep trust of many customers for our ability to overcome any challenge, and for our reliability and long-term commitment in technology. These are assets that must never be lost and that we must pass on for the next 100 years. As CEO, and grounded in our Basic Commitment, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future.,” I will take the lead in initiating changes that make Toshiba a company where employees work with pride and pleasure, and which people outside the company want to work for; a Toshiba that is once again bright and shining, and that is even better able to respond to customer needs.

I ask for your continued understanding and support.

Representative Director
Corporate Officer, President and CEO
Toshiba Corporation