Termination of Various Countermeasures and Introduction of "Hybrid Work Style" for COVID-19

May 08, 2023

COVID-19 was downgraded to Category 5, the same level as seasonal influenza and other common infectious diseases, on May 8, under Japan's Infectious Diseases Control Law. In alignment with this, Toshiba Group has disbanded its Comprehensive COVID Task Force established in February 2020, and ended various measures related to COVID-19.

Upon the announcement, Toshiba Group in Japan will shift to a "hybrid work style" that combines work in the workplace with work at home. During the pandemic, the Group promoted telecommuting at workplaces where it was possible, as part of its infection prevention efforts. Toshiba Group has officially introduced hybrid work which allows employees to choose where to work, with consideration for their own work requirements and in cooperation with colleagues. The goal is to enhance the work-life balance by increasing the flexibility of each individual employee's work location, on the premise of ensuring and improving productivity.