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Toshiba Group Holds FY2020 Technology Strategy Briefing

Towards creating new value as an infrastructure services company
3 Dec, 2020


TOKYO— Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today held the Toshiba Group FY2020 Technology Strategy Briefing, where it unveiled the strategy and technologies that will create new value through infrastructure services and support the jump forward to become a CPS technology company.

The world faces social issues that include decarbonization, the need to reinforce infrastructure, and the new normal of COVID-19. At the briefing, Toshiba Group showed how CPS technology based on its abundant knowledge and achievements will help to solve these issues. The briefing also featured the technology strategy that will promote development of infrastructure services.

In meeting growing concerns to promote decarbonization, Toshiba Group can point to world-class technologies throughout its energy supply chain. A featured example of this was the Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which optimizes the electricity supply and demand balance by collectively managing numerous decentralized energy power sources and power storage facilities, such as solar and wind power generators, storage batteries, and hydrogen energy, treating them as a single power plant. Toshiba Group will adjust the balance of power supply and demand and promote the use of renewable energy as the main power source by using forecasting and operation technology based on the Group's strengths of system components and AI / domain knowledge.

The briefing also spotlighted AI, security technology and a TIRA (Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture) compliant service as open infrastructure services.

In respect of the advanced technology initiatives being promoted by the Group, quantum cryptography and the simulated bifurcation machine were featured as quantum-related technologies, and advances in precision medicine showcased microRNA-based cancer detection technology and biodegradable liposomes for use in gene therapy. A display of panels showed the latest R&D results in devices and components, including next-generation SCiB™ batteries and highly efficient power devices.

Over the five years from FY2019 to FY2023, Toshiba Group will invest 900 billion yen in R&D and increase the ratio of R&D for infrastructure services and data services from 23% in FY19 to 36% in FY2025. With a stable growth base as an infrastructure services company, Toshiba Group aims to make a jump forward to become one of the world's leading CPS technology companies by combining strengths in technologies for the physical and cyber domains.