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Toshiba Publishes English Edition of Cyber Security Report 2019

As Toshiba transitions to become leading CPS company, releases its first report on information security and product security
28 Aug, 2019

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has published the English edition of its Cyber Security Report 2019, the company’s first publication focusing on Toshiba Group’s efforts to enhance cyber security.

Toshiba Group aims to become one of the world’s leading cyber-physical systems technology companies and to cultivate the capabilities needed to take on the challenges of modern life. With digital transformation spurring progress in IoT, more and more devices are connected to networks, increasing the risk of cyber-attacks on information systems, control systems and products, and ultimately exposing essential infrastructure to the risk of attack.

In over 140 years of operations in a wide range of businesses, Toshiba Group has cultivated extensive expertise in the physical realm, and, more recently, comprehensive know-how in information security acquired from the operation of information systems supporting roughly 130,000 employees around the world. As Toshiba Group promotes cyber-physical integration, it recognizes its responsibility to combine cyber and physical expertise in enhanced cyber-security, toward ensuring the safety and security of its products, systems and services, and to support customers in securing business continuity.

Toshiba Group is fulfilling this responsibility with a dedicated organization able to anticipate and counteract risk by constantly monitoring internal and external security threats. The Group aims to secure sustainable security grounded in the concept “Security Lifetime Protection,” where a swift response minimizes damage and promotes a speedy recovery when a business experiences a security incident, and where design and development of products and services incorporates feedback from the verification and evaluation of evolving security threats.

In November 2017, the company introduced the position of Corporate Information Security Officer, responsible for oversight of the Group’s overall information security, and established the Cyber Security Center, which promotes security measures throughout the Group’s internal information systems and its products and services,

Toshiba Group will publish the Cyber Security Report regularly, as a means to provide stakeholders with information about the Group’s initiatives to enhance cyber security.

Toshiba Group’s Cyber Security Report 2019 is available here:

Toshiba Group’s Cyber Security Website: