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Notice on Media Coverage Related to Alliance in Nuclear Power Business

8 Aug, 2019

Tokyo—A certain online publication this morning carried a report on plans for Higashidori Nuclear Power Station in Aomori prefecture, Japan, stating that Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings (TEPCO) is in talks with CHUBU Electric Power Co., Inc., Hitachi, Ltd., and Toshiba Corporation on jointly promoting the power plant’s operation. It further stated that the companies have entered into arrangement whereby they will establish a new company that will take over ownership of Higashidori Nuclear Power Station from TEPCO. This report is not grounded in fact.

Toshiba Group is not involved in the nuclear power business as a utility company, and this policy will remain unchanged. While Toshiba Group does exchange opinions with a number of companies on various aspects of the nuclear power business on a regular basis, nothing concrete has been decided at this point.