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Toshiba Launches Brand Video Page to Introduce The Essence of Toshiba

1 Jul, 2019

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today launched a new section of its website, Brand Video Page, that offers the public a better understanding of Toshiba Group’s history and current direction.

In July last year, Toshiba Group introduced the Essence of Toshiba, a restatement of the long-standing philosophy that provides its employees around the world with a unifying set of shared beliefs and values. The Essence of Toshiba explains how and why Toshiba has applied its creativity and the many technologies cultivated since its founding to the realization of a prosperous, sustainable society.

From this year on, we marks July 1 as the Essence of Toshiba Day (EoT Day). This will reinforce the Essence of Toshiba as a permanent component of Toshiba Group’s corporate culture, and provide all employees with an opportunity to reconsider the essence and its message.

The new Brand Video Page also captures the thinking and vision inspired by the Essence of Toshiba. Visitors can currently stream two videos.

1. Videos
-“The Heritage of Toshiba”
To know where we are headed in the future, we must first look to the past for inspiration, and reflect upon our heritage.

-“We are Toshiba”
A documentary-style brand video introduces employees living the values of Toshiba in their everyday work. It features people in different countries sharing stories that reflect the Essence of Toshiba.

2. URL
-Japanese page
-Global page

Moving forward, Toshiba continues to improve the group brand value and realize a prosperous and sustainable society.